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Medicare Rebates    

AWG Psychology are pleased to offer Medicare Rebates on services.     

This can occur where psychological issues identified by your GP or

Psychiatrist are referred to us under a Mental Health Care Plan.

For children, this referral may also be made by a paediatrician.


This service is apart of The Better Access to Psychiatrists,

Psychologists and General Practitioners through the Medicare

Benefits Scheme, a Program that introduced new Medicare Items

from the 1st of November 2006. These new Medicare Items enable

people who experience mental health difficulties to access the

services of a range of mental health providers, including psychologists. 

More detailed information is available at:


AWG Psychology has the latest MediClear EFTPOS facility, meaning

that clients paying via their card (when using their cheque or savings

account) can have the Medicare rebate immediately reimbursed back

into their account.     This eliminates the need to attend a Medicare
office for your rebate.  This option is not available when paying by Credit
or cash


Health Insurance Rebates  

If you are a member of a Private Health Insurance Fund that covers

psychological services you will receive a rebate. It is best to check

with your health fund provider to determine how much the rebate will


Cancellation Policy  

We value your time and ours and request that you let us know within

24 hours of your appointment time if you need to change an

appointment. This allows us time to re-organise that day's

appointments and offer your appointment to someone else who may

be waiting.  The full session fee is charged if you do not give us this
opportunity.  Please note that Medicare or health insurance rebates are
not applicable to cancellation fees.